The Holidays and Dementia

The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can be especially lonely for people with dementia. If your loved one suffers from this condition, they need love, compassion, and consideration.

While friends and family are gathering around the Christmas tree, your loved one may be feeling a sense of loss. They may be sad to see that things are no longer how they used to be.

As such, you should consider the needs of your loved one suffering from dementia during decorations and holiday gatherings.

By adjusting expectations, you will find the most meaningful ways to celebrate together. Here are a few ways to ease the feelings of sadness and ensure that those suffering from dementia will enjoy the holidays:


Create a space that’s safe and calm

Creating an appropriate space for someone with dementia is one of the most important things that you can do. This means toning down decorations. Remember, a lot of blinking lights and displays can cause confusion.

Also, avoid cluttered decorations that will cause you to rearrange a room that was once familiar.

Fasten your tree to the wall and play familiar holiday music. Ensure that the volume is relaxing and not considered distressing to ensure that your loved one is comfortable.


Plan meaningful activities

Involve your loved one in any baking or cooking process, as this will help them feel included in the holiday preparations.

Prepare, read holiday cards and put up decorations together. To keep them relaxed at all times, aim for an intimate gathering that is quiet and relaxed rather than one that is noisy.

Even amidst the celebrations, keep daily routines as normal as possible. In case you are going out, make outings brief and provide rest stops.


Prepare your holiday visitors

Don’t assume that everyone will pick up on dementia. You should let your guests know that your loved one is suffering from the condition so that they will answer all questions asked or understand changes in behavior.

Encourage guests to listen and avoid correcting errors or interrupting when you’re loved one is speaking.

Let your guest know the activities that they will partake in ahead of time and ask them to bring something memorable such as a photo album.


Take care of yourself as a caregiver

If you are a caregiver you also deserve some self-love and care during the holidays. This will help in making the season more enjoyable.

You needn’t do everything; you can focus on the holiday activities that mean the most to you.

Delegation is an important part of the process. Ask other members of the family to address greeting cards and shop for gifts so you can get some time to relax.


Need a Little Help During the Holidays?

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