In-Home Care Protects Mental Health

It’s projected that roughly 11-18% of people suffer from some form of mental illness or disorder. Mental health issues can happen at any age, and in any situation. That being said, older people tend to be more prone to developing a mental illness than their younger counterparts. This is due to many factors, some of which involve their lifestyle and circumstances. Today, let’s discuss how in-home care for seniors can help fight mental health problems in ways that nursing homes or assisted living may not.


Familiar Environment

Imagine spending several decades of your life in a home, only to have to leave when you get old. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are always well-kept and are as inviting as possible, but they aren’t the home that your senior loves. On top of that, everything is unfamiliar at a new place which can be extremely difficult to navigate for those developing or living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. By keeping your elderly loved ones in a familiar environment, you can prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about huge changes. They will be much happier knowing their surroundings, so they will stay in a better mood and be better equipped to fight off negative thoughts. Fear, nervousness, confusion, and anger can all occur when a senior is forced to leave their home behind, all of which can cause or exacerbate mental illnesses.


Freedom and Independence

It’s often the case that seniors need some care but are largely capable of being mostly independent. In nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they might not have the opportunity to practice this independence. Formal senior care facilities must adhere to rules and guidelines to keep everyone safe. This includes setting visiting hours, not allowing excursions off the property, set schedules, and more. For seniors who are mainly still able to live on their own with few issues, all of these restrictions can be demoralizing. Seniors who are moved into care homes before they truly need to be can be angry and resentful. They will focus on the negatives of the situation, constantly keeping themselves in a sour mindset. After a while, this will take a toll on their mental health. In-home care provides them only with the services they truly need, and do so on a flexible schedule that the client, family, and caregiver work on together. Your senior won’t feel like they’re being watched by a babysitter, and they will enjoy their days more.


Social Opportunities

One of the leading contributors to mental health issues in the elderly population is loneliness. Older people might have a hard time getting around so they can’t go visit their friends like they used to. They may no longer be able to participate in activities they once enjoyed so they could lose touch with those friends. It can even be hard to go visit family, especially if driving is no longer an option. When a senior is placed in a care facility, as we said there will be set times for visitation and social activities. For some people, these visitation hours don’t align with everyone’s schedule. Adults work, kids are in school and doing extracurriculars… it may be impossible for them to visit as much as they’d like. This can get very lonely and depressing for your elderly loved one, potentially damaging their morale or mental health. In-home care is much more relaxed and free, and friends/family can drop by anytime! You can even invite your senior over for dinner without worrying about messing up a schedule. Your loved one will feel more connected and will be happier each day. In-home care also provides a single caregiver who can form a close bond with your senior. They’ll never feel lonely when they have a caregiver spending time with them each week!


In-home caregiving services have more benefits than we can count. Protecting your loved one’s mental health is just one of many, but it’s crucial to keeping them happy and healthy. B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services is proud to offer top-quality care in the comfort of home. We work with you to find a perfect caregiver for your loved one, and we’ll sit down with you to build out a schedule of services that best meet your needs. Our caregivers always become very close with clients, and they love to play games, talk about hobbies, watch TV, and more. We’re here for your loved one in whatever capacity they need. Call (206)617-0456 to get started with us today!