Fun At-Home Hobbies for Seniors

Home should not be a place for seniors to lie in bed or sit endlessly on a rocking chair all day. It should be a place full of life, fun, and companionship to keep their bodies and brain active. One way of beating depression, staving off dementia, and keeping seniors in high spirits is to involve them in fun at-home hobbies. Here are some of the activities that will help keep their mental and physical well-being in check;



Part of your task in home caregiving is to get senior active. And gardening can be a perfect activity full of fun for the senior member. You can decide to make it fun and easy by coming up with an excellent gardening project that doesn’t necessarily look like a chore that has to be done. You would also opt to make it rigorous or gentle depending on the person’s scope of mobility and interest.

If there is a small garden that you can work on, the better. If not, planting flowers on hanging baskets, collecting orchids, and planting herbs on small pots are some gardening activities that a caregiver would help seniors do while offering in home care services.


Art And Crafts

Art and crafts keep the mind active since one has to be creative. Creating DIY ornaments, homemade photo frames, and painting pots are some craft projects seniors would use to pass the time. It would also help them to express thoughts, memories, and emotions.



Have you seen how people’s faces light up while playing with their pets? Well, pets are known to give the warmest feeling of love, care, and importance. For older citizens, having a cat or a dog around them could provide them with a sense of responsibility and act as a companion



There is joy in trying out new recipes together and even coming up with your own. Also, Cooking your meals and inviting friends to come over gives one a great sense of achievement. One great way seniors can pass the time is by having a meal plan or recipe book that they can use to make the tasty masterpieces by themselves.



Reading can be educational, liberating, and entertaining, depending on the genre.  A simple act of reading could go a long way in improving one’s memory, focus, concentration, and intelligence. Even if your senior isn’t very mobile, they can still read a book while sitting or sleeping.


Music-Based Activities

Introducing music-based activities to seniors during the in home care services could bring healing, health, and fun into their lives. Such activities include dancing, having virtual karaoke, learning to play a musical instrument, and holding live music concerts. All this helps improve mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and assist with exercise too.


Play Games

Playing games is a fantastic way of passing time. There is a long list of them that can be played alone or as a group. Chess, card games, and scrabble are some of the indoor games that stimulate the brain. Won’t you fill in a crossword puzzle today?



There are many advantages that come with involving oneself with at-home hobbies during their golden years. Talk to your in-home caregiving assistant to know which one is right for you. At B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services, we can help your senior take part in fun-filling activities. Contact us today.