Fun Activities Caregivers Can Do With Seniors

In-home caregivers are hired to help senior citizens complete daily tasks that have become a struggle for them. The job doesn’t stop there though; caregivers act as companions and form tight bonds with their clients. There are plenty of small things your caregiver can do to help your loved one have fun. Unlike assisted living facilities and nursing homes, you can allow your senior’s caregiver to take them off the property. Not all companies allow this option, so be sure to do your research. That being said, there are many fun things to do both in or near your home that will keep your senior engaged and stimulated. Here are a few ideas.


Go For A Walk

Weather permitting, going for a walk is always a great option! This can be as simple as a walk around the backyard, or you can get a bit adventurous and head around a block of the neighborhood. Physical activity is crucial to maintaining health in elderly people, and walks are low-impact to avoid injury. Even those in wheelchairs can enjoy a walk with their caregiver. When you live at home, it’s refreshing to leave the four walls behind and get some fresh air. Vitamin D does the body good, and being out and about will lift your senior’s spirits in no time.


Go To A Restaurant/Get Takeout

Everyone loves a brunch date! Some caregivers will be willing to take your loved one out to a restaurant for a meal every so often, or they can stop for takeout and bring it to the house. Of course, transportation is required unless you have eateries within walking distance. Seniors are told to watch what they eat, but a special meal here and there won’t hurt. Your caregiver will know any limitations such as sugar levels, allergies, calorie count, etc., and can help your senior navigate the menu to find something they’ll love. Even a quick get-together in a coffee shop can brighten your loved one’s day!



Want to spend more time outside? Try gardening! Caregivers and clients can bond over fruits, veggies, and flowers while making the house look nice. Gardening is not over strenuous, and elderly people can help in some way. The caregiver might have to do the lifting and bending down, but seniors can help water plants, arrange flower boxes or vases, plant seeds in pots, etc. Together, the caregiver and the client can transform the home into a secret garden of vibrant colors!


Play Games

Don’t underestimate the power of a good game night (or day). People of all ages love games, and they’re perfect for indoor fun. In-home care can get monotonous, so bring in some new games to mix things up. Ask the senior if they have any favorites and try to get your hands on them. When in doubt, a few safe ideas include:

  • A traditional deck of cards
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Uno
  • Battleship
  • Puzzles
  • Older/nostalgic board games


Add a few bowls of snacks and put on some music or a movie in the background and you have yourself one very fun day without leaving the comfort of home.

It’s important that any caregiver you hire knows how to form a bond with your loved one and give them something to look forward to each visit. Companionship is one of our most important duties, so it should be treated as such. B’zoe Care prioritizes the mental health of our clients to ensure they live healthy and happy lives. Our staff will happily do activities with each client while still ensuring they are being well cared for in other aspects. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if in-home care is right for your family. Call (206) 617-0456. We look forward to speaking with you!