Adult In-Home Care for Anyone with Caregiving Needs

Caregiving can be overwhelming. You want to do everything you can for your loved ones, but there are many things to do and so little time. With infirmities and illnesses that come with the aging process, staying healthy and independent can be challenging for most people in need of in-home care.

In-home senior care is quite flexible with personalized options to meet your family’s needs. They are an affordable option for family members to stay involved while they can stay home.

Adult in-home caregiving is the best option for families who want to care for their loved ones without sacrificing the quality of life. This article aims to educate you about home caregiving so you can make an informed decision when opting for one.


What is Adult In-Home Care? 

As the name implies, these services come to your house. Adult in-home care refers to personal care services for adults. It allows recipients to be in familiar surroundings with loved ones nearby.

The nature of adult in-home care helps them with day-to-day tasks and general moving around within the home.


Who Is Eligible for Adult In-Home Care? 

There are two main categories of eligible adults:


1. Seniors 

These are the citizens who are 65 years or older living at home. Due to aging, their ability to tackle everyday tasks reduces. Some of them begin to suffer from age-related illnesses.

Introducing senior in-home caregiving allows them to manage their day-to-day activities with ease.


2. Adults With Chronic Illness or Disability

Adults who are 18+ years that suffer from physical, mental illness or diseases such as diabetes or chronic hypertension that causes prolonged periods of inactivity can also benefit from adult in-home care.

Adult care can also benefit someone whose physical health has declined due to depression or anxiety.


Forms Of Home Care Services

You can tailor your in-home caregiving to fulfill the demand of your target market in need of;

  • 24-hour care
  • Overnight care
  • Respite care, and so on.


Types of Home Care Services


1. General Housekeeping

Daily house chores demand a strong will. This service is for adults and seniors who are unable to handle housekeeping activities. It helps seniors retain their independence and quality of life.

Housekeeping tasks may include:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Mowing lawns and gardens
  • Car washes
  • Shopping

A general housekeeping team could consist of:

  • A maid
  • Gardener
  • Groundskeeper
  • Electrician
  • Plumber

Whatever the situation, from general cleaning and waste collection to a more specific home care service, these professionals can make keeping you and your family healthy a whole lot easier.


2. Personal Care

This service is for people who struggle to perform self-care tasks for themselves. These tasks involve personal grooming, body cleanliness, and essential grooming. A personal care aide can also help in managing your medications and routine health activities.


3. Short-Term Respite Care Services

This service is for full-time family caregivers. It offers short-term relief from their duties, allowing them to focus on their health. It also alleviates the guilt of being away.

Respite care can be in the form of adult daycare. It is ideal when you are away for prolonged periods and a professional comes in to take care of your loved one’s needs.


4. Special Needs Support and Therapy

Special needs support provides 24-hour help by trained professionals. These caregivers can handle all aspects of caring for individuals in the most complex situations. Nurses are usually the best fit for this role.

Their role involves:

  • Assisting with the care of special needs individuals.
  • Providing life skills training and activities.
  • Providing emotional and social support for individuals with chronic illnesses and physical impairments.
  • Conducting physical therapy and massages.

This service is best done by people who have the essential medical training.